Category Poetry


On each breath I take is an empty space

Filled with love and mercy born from His grace

It is sad to be alone

They said it is sad to be alone,
let me count the reasons why…

Kill that boy

Kill that boy
and let the Man be born.
Devour your fear with perfect Love.

My last ticket to dance

My foot awoke and breathe its own life
My hands groove under the ryhtm of the night

Onesided beating

A conflict between heart and mind
A love that is destined to die
A memory of my own demise
Am I yours? Are you mine?

…in between

You wake up in the morning
then sleep when its evening
have you wonder what lie’s
what’s there in between


In this world I am free, in this sphere I am me
In this place limitation is not a possibility
In this state I can fly, I can breathe deep beneath the sea
On this stage my thoughts manifest in front of me


Remember who you are

and live passionately

Stop living your life

on the curse of conformity